Types of African Violets


  • African violets come in several basic varieties, with many cultivators developed from each. The violets have been developed to bloom not only in the typical purple color, but also in pink, blue, red, lavender and white. Flowers have both single and double petals, and can be fringed or ruffled. They also have a variety of foliage shapes and colors.


  • Miniature violets are smaller than 6 inches across and semiminiatures are smaller than 8 inches across. They need to be placed in pots that are 2 1/2 inches wide or smaller due to their size. The root systems do not get big and there is no need for a large growing area.


  • Trailing violets put out runners to help them creep across the soil. They grow more roots as they go, which allows them to put out new stems and blooms. They can cover a large area over time, and are a way to fill in garden areas. If potted in planters and hung up, the runners grow out of the container to hang down like fringe. These African violets can get quite large due to the way they grow.


  • Standard African violets include all violets that grow larger than 8 inches across. Most are 10 to 12 inches, however, there are some as wide as 24 inches. Other than size, they are similar to the miniatures. The flowers can range in bloom color and appearance, such as a blue bloom with ruffled edges, and the leaves can also vary with stripes or different shapes.

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