How to Prune Violets


Violas, commonly known as violets, do not require pruning other than to remove dead material in late summer. African violets, which are a different genus–Saintpaulia–do require some pruning. African violets come in a multitude of colors with various leaf shapes. They bloom best under artificial light and will grow with minimal care and fertilizing for years. Pruning requirements for African violets depend on keeping a single crown on the plant. This kind of pruning will minimize attached shoots to keep the plant growing upwards while providing profuse and colorful blooms.

Moderately Easy


things you’ll need:
  • Pointed stick or pencil
  • Scissors
    1. Inspect the African violet for any side shoots or suckers, as they are sometimes called. When found, use a sharp stick or a sharpened pencil to push them out and off the plant.
    2. Snip any dead leaves off with a pair of scissors.
    3. Cut wayward leaves that do not conform to the overall shape of the plant.
    4. Pinch off any wilted blossoms and leaves to encourage new blooms.

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