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Information on Planting & Growing Butterfly Weed Flowers

information-growing-butterfly-weed-flowers-800x800 Butterfly weed, Asclepias tuberosa, attracts a variety of butterflies, and is a host plant for the Monarch species. Once established, the plant is drought tolerant and requires minimal maintenance.

Growing from Seed

  • Propagate butterfly weed by seed, according to Michigan State University, or by division in spring. Pre-chilled seed will readily germinate at 70 to 75 degrees within 3 to 4 weeks of planting. Butterfly weed has a long taproot, which needs to remain intact for successful transplanting.

Planting Location

  • Choose a site in full sun where the butterfly weed can spread. According to the University of Florida Extension, Asclepias tuberosa tolerates most soils, but doesn’t like being disturbed once planted.

Planting and Care

  • Space plants 24 inches apart, being careful not to damage the taproot. Mark the planting location because plants are late to appear in spring.

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