How to Plant Butterfly Weeds in Florida

Butterfly weed is native to Florida and related to the milkweed plant. Like its cousin, its flowers—orange, yellow or red—attract butterflies to the garden. Flowers bloom July to September on this 2-foot tall plant. Butterfly weed also produces thick stems and 4- to 8-inch long leaves. This annual doesn’t transplant well. Start it from seed as early as February if you live in south Florida. North of the state, wait until June and get the seeds in the ground by July.



things you’ll need:
  • Shovel
  • Garden fork
  • Rake
  • Seeds
  • Water
    1. Select a site in full sun. Florida’s sandy soil is also ideal, but the butterfly weed adapts to anything other than heavy topsoil.
    2. Loosen the soil and rake it to a smooth bed.
    3. Make furrows with a depth twice the size of the seed.
    4. Sow the seeds 18 inches from each other and cover with soil, tapping lightly to firm the surface.
    5. Irrigate the seedbed with a soaker hose or fine mist to avoid dislodging the seeds. Keep them moist through germination.

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