Ideal Conditions for the Hoya Plant

images Hoya plants, also know as wax plants, are native to locations including China, Australia and India. These trailing perennials produce fragrant white flowers and are appropriate choices for hanging baskets.


  • Hoyas are evergreen vines that typically reach 2 to 4 feet long when grown indoors. They can be trained to grow around objects such as wire or trellis. Dark glossy green leaves are elliptic in shape and grow to 4 inches long. Tiny white flowers grow in clusters. Each flower contains a red- or pink-centered, star-shaped corona.

Planting Considerations

  • Hoyas are recommended for U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 to 12, where they are winter hardy. The height and spead of this plant is dependent on its supporting structure.


  • Hoyas prefer full bright light that includes approximately a half day of direct sun. Loamy potting soil is recommended. Water consistently during the growing season Allow soil to get relatively dry before re-watering.

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