The Best Soil for a Hoya Plant

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Hoya plants, also known as wax plants, are part of the milkweed family Asclepiadaceae. They grow best in hanging pots, either inside or outside. Hoya plants need indirect sunlight to boom and prefer their soil to be completely dry before being watered.

  1. Growing Medium

    • The Hoya plant grows best in potting soil that contains a high level of organic matter. Material that works well includes fibrous peat, pine bark and perlite.

    Soil Amendments

    • Fibrous peat in a Hoya plant’s soil will help it retain water, as it absorbs a good deal of moisture. Adding coarser material such as pine bark helps aerate the soil and assists with drainage.


    • Numerous pre-blended mixes are available to add to the hoya’s soil. A mix that contains perlite vermiculite and sphagnum peat moss is a good choice. Hoyas also do well in soil that contains a slight acid compost or lime. For older hoya plants, topdressing with standard potting soil will help to keep them healthy.

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