Light Requirements for Hoya Plants

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  • A wide variety of Hoya plants are available for your home, all with thick leaves and the ability to produce clusters of blooms. Giving your plant the correct care, and meeting its lighting requirements, can help it thrive and flower to enhance your home. Most Hoya are native to Eastern Asia or Australia, which means it loves the sun.


  • Hoya plants love the sun, and flower beautifully when placed in a well lit spot. For best results, look for a window that gives the plant excellent indirect sunlight for most of the day, with an hour or two of direct sunlight. A window that faces east or west, or between those two directions, will help your Hoya thrive. This plant will survive in lower-light conditions, however it will not bloom and its leaves will become dark green.


  • During the spring and summer, when your Hoya is growing the most, it needs to be watered consistently. The soil should be moist, not soaking wet, with the top layer drying out between waterings. Do not let your Hoya dry out completely during these months. In the fall and winter, use less water and let the soil dry out completely between waterings. If the plant is not getting enough water, the usually fleshy leaves will pucker inward.


  • Hoya plants produce clusters of star-shaped flowers that can be white to pink. Only older plants bloom, usually during late spring or summer months. The flower stems are reused year after year, and must be left in place if you want your Hoya to blossom the next year. These blooms produce a strong, sweet scent in the evening. This plant is more likely to flower if it is in a small pot, so do not re-pot until absolutely necessary.

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