Hoya House Plants

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  • Ideal for the home, the hoya is a drought-tolerant, low-maintenance house plant. Classified as a tropical plant, the hoya originates from Australia, southern Asia and Polynesia. An epiphyte, hoya plants gather nutrients and moisture from rain and air.


  • Hoya leaves grow from 1/2 inch long, in the miniature species, to as much as 15 inches, in the larger vine varieties, with semi-succulent to succulent tissue. Light green or green with white, red, silver or pink variegation in color, the leaves are also fuzzy, glossy, heavily veined or none of these. Hoyas form a five-part stem whorl with a five-part flower crown on top, according to the Horticulture website. Either fringed or waxy and smooth, the flowers range in size from 1/4 inch to 2 inches in diameter and originate from bloom spurs or peduncles. Hoyas belong to the milkweed family with seed pods that float on silk but rarely form on the plants indoors.


  • Hoyas prefer a coarse, lightweight plant medium to allow the roots access to the surrounding air, according to the Horticulture website. Make your own by combining one-part fine-grained bark mix to two parts soilless mix, ideal for epiphytic plants. Adaptive to normal household temperatures, place the hoya in an area with indirect, bright light in a hanging container with good drainage. Water your hoya usually only once a week, letting the planting medium to dry out between watering. Allowing the hoya’s roots to soak in water or sit in persistently damp medium is deadly to the plant.


  • To start additional plants from the original hoya, take a cutting from a vine stem and root it in a mixture of moist perlite, a processed volcanic material, and peat, according to the Plant Care website. Keep in the moisture by covering the container with plastic wrap and sealing it with a rubber band. Place the container under fluorescent light or in indirect sunlight and pot in a more permanent container after substantial growth appears.

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