How to Save a Hoya Plant

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Porcelain flower and wax plant are other names for the hoya plant, as noted on the University of Florida website. The hoya is a succulent plant and has lovely heart-shaped leaves. This plant will shed leaves if it is not thriving. The hoya grows like a vine and can reach up to 3 feet tall. Hoyas have fragrant red or orange waxy-looking blooms that are star-shaped, according to the website. The hoya plant will bloom repeatedly from the early spring up until the autumn months. If your hoya is having problems, do not despair, these are easy to remedy.

Moderately Easy


things you’ll need:
  • Fungicide
  • Pesticide
    1. Place your hoya plant where it does not receive harsh sunlight. In the wild, hoyas grow best in partial shade and you should try to mimic these conditions for your potted plant.
    2. Avoid letting the soil dry between watering. Hoyas like their soil to be a bit moist but never soggy.
    3. Check for large gray-looking areas on the leaves. This could be a botrytis infection. Removing the plant from a humid area can help with this blight.
    4. Notice if the stems and roots are dry or mushy. This can mean your plant has root or stem rot. Decrease watering, and if it the plant does not respond better in a couple of weeks, try a fungicide.
    5. Examine the leaves periodically for signs of scales, mealy bugs or aphids. Proper treatment with a pesticide should be all that is necessary to correct this problem. Be sure to check that the soil is not too soggy when treating your hoya for problems.

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