Hoya Plant Care

tải xuống

Hoya plants, also known as wax plants, grow as vines and exhibit broad, waxy leaves and clusters of star-shaped pink or white flowers. Although hoyas originate from India and East Asia, they have become a popular houseplant in many parts of the world. They are relatively easy to grow, and proper care will assure that your hoya plant will live for many years.

Potting and Placement

  • A pot with a hole in the bottom is a necessity for hoya plants because they require proper drainage. Plant hoyas in a light commercial potting mix. You may find you need to mix basic potting soil with perlite, sand or charcoal to allow for more drainage. Hoyas prefer to be slightly root-bound, so only repot them once every two to three years. The hoya is late bloomer and may be up to three years old before flowering for the first time. Once flowers begin to form, moving the plant may cause buds to drop.

    Due to the poisonous nature of hoyas, keep them out of reach of children and pets. Hoyas like to climb, so plant them in hanging pots or near something the plant can climb. Hoyas grow particularly well over a trellis or around a window. Tie the vine in place using florist wire.

Water and Light

  • Water hoyas with warm water and keep soil moist in spring and summer but avoid over-watering. Reduce waterings in winter and only give the plant enough water to keep it from becoming completely dry. Proper watering will encourage more frequent blooming. Bright, direct sunlight for at least four hours a day is necessary for a hoya to bloom. Sun from the east or south is ideal. Although hoyas can survive in low light environments, they will not flower.


  • Hoyas will grow continually, wrapping around anything nearby, and can grow up to ten feet in length. If they become troublesome, prune them back, cutting just above a leaf. Keep in mind that if you cut back the hoya plant too often, it will bloom less frequently. Do not cut back old blooms as they will likely flower again from the same point.


  • Propagate hoyas by taking stem cuttings in spring or early summer. For best results, place cuttings in a mixture of moist peat and perlite. Cover the pot with a plastic bag and wrap a rubber band around the bag to retain moisture. Place the bag under a fluorescent light or in indirect sunlight. Once it begins to grow, move the plant into a potting soil mixture containing perlite or charcoal for appropriate drainage.

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