MINH DUNG Veterinary – Aquaculture Medicine Company Limited ("Minh Dung Co., Ltd" or "MD Company") is a medium organization, was established on June 12, 2000 as a form of Limited Liability Company. It is located in Binh Duong, the industrial province from South of Vietnam. MD Company first started with veterinary field in late 2000, and expanded the business to aquaculture sector by early 2002.

MD’s facility is housed into 3 main parts: Assembly plant, office building, and accommodation – recreation area. Major technologies and equipment vary across our sites in the total area of 4 hectas infrastructures. It complies with all: Health, environmental, occupational safety requirements and address safety considerations at each site appropriate to the work accomplished there.
Technologies and equipment are set up depends on the nature of each workshop in accordance to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Warehouse system is constructed conforming to Good Store Practice (GSP). Quality administrative and support processes are also located in this section. It complies with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), whereby state-of-the-art tools are full equipped that enabling us to control the quality of product from the initial stage of raw materials, through the immediate processing, to the stage of finished good.
thuoc-tiemMD practically manufactures a wide range of products that support the customers from early stage of preventing to final process of handling animal diseases, including both Veterinary and Aquaculture Medicines. Products are delivered to national and international customers through MD branches, specialty distributors, authorized local dealers, or by direct delivery. MD maintains direct contact with all customers, regardless of distribution channel. In addition, MD provides a vertical integrated range of services for the farmers (breeders) and veterinarians by means of Direct and Indirect Consultant.
During the last two years, from 2007, MD has collaborated with professors from famous world- and national-wide universities to research the use of natural plant extracts in the animal husbandry. Currently, MD has succeeded to introduce a new category of Herbal remedy products of Animal Health.
MD employs approximately 170 associates, dividing into white-collar and blue-collar workers. The employee skill mix at each location is dependent on the operations conducted at the site.
MD adopts the Elevated Functional structure, whereby communication within the organization is performed according to two-way principles from the top/senior managers to the staff and vice versa. Ethical conduct in business and professional interactions is stressed throughout MD. Relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, the communities surrounding its facilities, and the business community follow the company principles.MD culture creates a strong cooperated working environment for team learning and individual attainment of advanced and continued education. MD enjoys a direct relationship with its employees through the connection of the MD Labor Union.

As a leading national position in Quality System Control and a world-class manufacturer recognition (IAPQA, 2008), MD has won the trust of customers from not only domestic, but also international markets, by providing a full range of medicine for animals, as well as consultative services for breeders.

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