How Are Salvia Seeds Scattered?



  • Salvia is a semi-deciduous flowering perennial that blooms in the spring and summer with multiple blooms on each stem hovering over green-gray foliage. The lightweight salvia seeds are encased inside each bloom on the stalk. As the thin petals of the small blooms begin to dry out in the summer, the small seeds are released and fall to the ground. They may be picked up and scattered by the wind or nestle into the soil, where they remain until they germinate the next spring.

Animal-Assisted Scattering

  • Salvia plants serve as a food and shelter source for numerous animals, which carry, transfer and scatter the salvia seed by disturbing the dried blooms and scattering the seeds or carrying them on their fur or feathers. Salvia may be grazed by sheep and goats, rodents may store the leaves for winter food and birds such as quail seek out salvia seeds.

Human Cultivation and Sowing

  • Salvias are very popular as flowering garden plants and widely grown from seed for garden bedding, border and container plants. Numerous native, non-native and hybrid cultivar salvia seeds are added to the local ecosystem by human intervention.

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