How to Grow Salvia

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The Salvia Divinorum Plant is slow growing but fairly easy to cultivate. All you need is some salvia seeds or a salvia cutting of at least a few inches long. Keep reading to learn how to grow your own Salvia Divinorum.



    1. If you only have a small start or cutting of Salvia, you will need to give it a chance to develop roots before you try and plant it. To do this, place the end of your Salvia start in a cup of water until it starts to grow roots; anywhere from 1-2 weeks.
    2. Once the Salvia has established roots, plant it into loose, rich soil. You can do this inside, in a pot, or outside in your garden.
    3. Once you have first planted a Salvia plant, water it generously. This is important because it helps the roots become stronger and eve more established. After a few weeks, the Salvia plant will require less watering.
    4. Use a clean, organic fertilizer to boost the Salvia plant. One round of light fertilizer every week or two should help your Salvia Divinorum grow stronger, faster.
    5. The Salvia Divinorum plant tends to be quite spindly and leaves and branches may become to heavy for themselves, breaking over and laying onto the soil. If this happens, don’t fret! You may very well get another Salvia plant because the broken limb will likely root itself and start another plant.
    6. Salvia thrives in humid temperatures and light watering.

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