How to Grow Salvia for Butterflies


Salvia comes in several colors, but blue seems to be the most common. Their long stems with spiky blue flowers are a butterfly magnet, and many different butterfly varieties can be spotted feeding on the small flowers. Bees also seem to love salvia, and can normally be seen buzzing around the flowers. Make sure the salvia is planted in a location where it can be easily viewed and all the insect traffic can be enjoyed.



things you’ll need:
  • Salvia
  • Compost or composted manure
  • Fertilizer
    1. Salvia with Monarch Butterfly

      Pick a suitable spot for the salvia. Potential spots should receive full sun and be well drained. Mix in some compost or manure if the soil is of poor quality. Fertilizer can also be added to the soil if desired.

    2. Salvia with Skipper

      Pick a healthy plant from the garden store when you purchase the salvia plants. Salvia can get beat up in the stores because they have long leggy stems that tend to bend or break when in pots for any length of time. Pick the best looking plant with the fewest broken stems.

    3. Plant the salvia. If the plant’s roots are growing in tight circles in the pot, break the roots up before setting in the earth. Tamp down the earth and water well for the first couple of weeks to ensure survival of the plant.
    4. Water weekly and fertilize with Miracle Gro every couple of weeks. Do not spray with any insecticides–let nature take its course.

Tips & Warnings

  • Salvia can be started easily from cuttings. Hummingbirds will also visit salvia.

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