When Is Planting Time for Black-Eyed Susan?


The black-eyed Susan is also called the rudbeckia and the cone flower; it produces a mound of bright orange-red flowers. Knowing when to plant these flowers ensures lush, vibrant blooms and healthy growing season.

Time Frame

  • The planting time for the black-eyed Susan depends on the growing zone. In U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Map zone 7, plant black-eyed Susans in June or July; plant zone 8 black-eyed Susans in May or June. USDA plant hardiness zone 9 flowers should be planted in April or May, while flowers in zones 10 and 11 may be planted in March, April, October or November.


  • Plant the black-eyed Susans in a place where they will receive full sun and leave between 12 and 18 inches around each plant. They do well in clay, sandy soils, acidic soils and loamy soils, and they have a high tolerance to drought.


  • Plant black-eyed Susan seeds directly into the ground, barely covering them with dirt. After the flowers fade, divide the clumps for healthier and more numerous flowers the following year.

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