How to Plant Orchids


Orchids are a beautiful and delicate flower. This article will teach you how to plant orchids.



things you’ll need:
  • Well-fertilized soil
  • Orchid
  • Gardening spade
    1. Select an area of your yard where the orchid will get part sun and part shade.
    2. Dig a hole with your gardening spade about 6 inches deep. Make sure that you don’t force the orchid into the hole. It needs plenty of room to acclimate itself.
    3. Place soil loosely around the plant, making sure no roots remain uncovered.
    4. The plant should be able to easily stand on its own in its new home. If you find that the orchid is extremely fragile, you also have the option of using a stake to support the orchid stem .

Tips & Warnings

  • Plant your orchids in early to mid-May.

  • The hotter your climate, the more shade your orchid needs.

  • Water your orchid every day, or mist your orchid with water every day.

  • Don’t cut the aerial roots on your orchid!

  • If the weather is cold, immediately move your orchid indoors to save it.

  • Don’t water an orchid with softened water; regular hose water is fine.

  • If you see your orchid becoming discolored, move it indoors immediately.

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