How to Make an Orchid Plant Arrangement


Orchid plant arrangements are currently one of the easiest ways to add a fun and dramatic feel to any type of décor. They are also the perfect plant for keeping indoors, actually one of the lowest maintenance exotic plants you can grow in your home. Here are some tips for sprucing up your living space with an orchid arrangement.

Moderately Easy


things you’ll need:
  • Orchid Plant
  • Planter/pot
  • Potting soil or mix
  • Moss
  • Wood branches
  • Plant tape
    1. To start making your orchid plant arrangement all you need is an orchid plant (which can be purchased at a low cost from any flower district), any attractive pot you have in your home or garage, potting soil or mix, moss to cover the soil and decorative wood branches to add some extra flair.
    2. For someone who is on the go, I recommend using ready-made orchid potting mixes. These mixes are readily available from most garden shops or from the orchid growers themselves. I believe this works the best because it makes the potting that much easier and faster. Also, potting mixes are reasonably priced and are already blended to the suitable texture and acidity. If you wish to create your own orchid potting mix it can be a combination of any or all of the following components: osmunda fiber, ground tree fern stem, ground bark.
    3. Place the orchid potting soil mix in the chosen pot and carefully place the orchid inside the pot. Be careful not to fully cover all of the orchid’s roots. Leave two or three above the soil to breath. This will help your orchid live longer.
    4. Place the moss on top of the potting mix and also add the decorative wood branches to stick out of the pot in various directions. Remember to keep a nice balance between the orchid plant and the decorative branches. Adding too many branches will make the arrangement look too dramatic and top heavy.
    5. Tape the stems with the plant tape to help keep the orchid upright. Voila…you now have your very own designer-style orchid arrangement.

Tips & Warnings

  • Orchid arrangements make great gifts.

  • Keep your orchid arrangement in a place that does get some sun, and water it very infrequently.

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