How to Hang an Orchid Plant Onto a Tree

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Once considered the Holy Grail among exotic-flower traders, the orchid is a gorgeous flower that survives and thrives despite all odds. Orchids have existed since the age of dinosaurs, and today more than 35,000 orchid species exist around the world. It’s easy to see how the orchid has mystified and captivated so many people through the ages. If you live in the right climate, you can grow your orchid outdoors by mounting it on a tree. Orchids thrive when hung on trees because this environment resembles their natural state.



things you’ll need:
  • Orchid plant
  • Moss
  • Fishing line or pantyhose strip
    1. Determine whether you live in the right climate to mount the orchid plant outdoors. The right climate will depend on the species of orchid, although generally orchids grow well in milder climates. Research the natural origins of the species of orchid.
    2. Locate a tree that will provide the orchid with partial or indirect sun. The orchid plant should not be in full sun or in dense shade.
    3. Place a small pile of moss in a crook of the tree where two branches meet. This spot will be the easiest place to mount an orchid because it will stay in place better and have some measure of protection.
    4. Mount the orchid by setting the roots into the moss. Secure the orchid plant by carefully tying it with fishing line or a strip of pantyhose.
    5. Inspect the orchid plant at least once a week to monitor how well its roots are anchoring and clinging to the tree. Repair or retie the fishing line or pantyhose strip if it comes loose. Remove the line or strip after the roots start clinging firmly to the tree, usually in two to four weeks.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can mount Vanda orchids in full sun. They are one of the only orchid species that can withstand direct sunlight.

  • Don’t overwater your orchid, especially with tap water because of the chlorine content. Rainwater is best for orchids. If you need to water the orchid with tap or bottled water, make sure the water isn’t too cold; it should be the same temperature as the air.

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