How to Identify Baby Orchid Plants From Seed

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Orchids are exotic flowers popular for corsages, bouquets and home growing situations. The flowers take some specific care, but can last for months if they’re healthy. Although most people buy established orchids to grow in their homes, some people start the plants from seeds. When they’re growing from seeds, orchid plants have structures similar to adult plants.



    1. Look for orchid seedlings up to 3 years after the seeds have been spread. If orchid seeds have received inconsistent or minimal care, it could take them that long to germinate.
    2. Identify orchid leaves. Even as seedlings, orchids grow leaves that are recognizable: long, spear shaped, bright green and firm. The leaves on an orchid seedling will look like miniatures of an adult orchid’s leaves.
    3. Identify orchid roots. Once an orchid seedling sprouts and begins to grow, its roots will become evident. Roots are smooth, light brown and often grow up out of the potting medium.
    4. Identify orchid shoots or flowers, if they’re evident. Orchid shoots are long, flexible shoots, with flowers blooming along the top. The shoots generally don’t appear until orchid plants are older.

Tips & Warnings

  • Orchids generally take 12 to 18 months to grow to maturity from seed.

  • Orchids will die if they’re overwatered or grown in inappropriate mediums.

  • Orchid seeds do not contain enough nutrition to grow without external support.

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