How to Correctly Plant an Orchid


Orchids are colorful tropical plants that grow naturally in the rainforest canopy of Central and South American jungles. Although they are tropical in nature, orchids grow with little to no soil or water and require air and circulation over humidity or nutritional support. These requirements make orchids unique in the plant world, where rich, crumbly soil and water are the norm. When planting orchids, take their natural preferences into account and keep their growing foundations loose and soil free.

Moderately Easy


things you’ll need:
  • 3- to 6-inch pots
  • Peat moss, gravel, wood chips, orchid potting medium
  • Scissors
  • Stake
  • Clip
    1. Prepare a new pot before pulling the orchid from its old one. Fill a 3- to 6-inch pot three-fourths full with non-soil growing foundation such as peat moss or orchid-specific potting medium. This non-soil foundation retains moisture for the orchids but offers quick drainage to keep them from sitting in water. The foundation should be loose enough to offer plenty of air circulation. Use only pots with drainage holes in the bottom.
    2. Take the orchid by its base and gently pull it from its old pot. Shake off old potting medium and separate the orchid’s roots by hand. Cut away broken, dead or rotten roots, using scissors.
    3. Place the orchid’s roots on top of the potting medium in the new pot, and spread them. Lay more potting medium on top of the roots, until the pot is completely full, and pat it down. Push a stake into the pot and clip the orchid’s flower stalk to the stake for support.

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