How to Add Ice to Orchid Plants


A large greenhouse operation in Ohio supervised by an even larger floracultural enterprise in Holland has created the "Just Add Ice" orchid craze. They grow their orchids in specially designed pots to force the leaves up and away from the potting mix which allows ice cubes to be put on the mix by the consumer later on without touching leaf tissue.
Orchids are tropicals. If ice touches any plant tissue, leaf, stem or root, it will kill that tissue. You must be extremely careful if you want to put ice on your orchids.



things you’ll need:
  • Orchid plant
  • Ice cube
    1. Take an orchid that needs to be watered and gently pull leaves up away from potting mix.
    2. Place an ice cube on potting mix where it does not touch a root or any part of the stem or leaf.
    3. Let the ice cube melt.

Tips & Warnings

  • Orchids are tropical plants and never met an ice cube in their natural world. Watering your plant with ice cubes will prevent you from over watering the plant while it is in bloom. If you buy flowering orchid plants and toss them after they’ve come out of bloom, this system will work for you. It will not provide proper nutrition or the proper amount of moisture to the plant over the long term.

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