How to Choose Orchid Pots


Choosing the right pot can help you take beautiful orchids and match them successfully with the décor inside your home. You may find a pot that is a specific color, style, or shape that you like, or one that is basic and brings more attention to the orchids themselves. However, maximizing the beauty of your flowers is only part of the process. You’ll also need a pot that has the size and drainage capabilities to keep your orchids healthy for as long as possible.



    1. Check the holes in the bottom of the pots you are considering for your orchids. Orchids must not retain too much moisture. The holes in the bottom must be large enough to facilitate proper drainage.
    2. Look for added drainage measures. For optimal drainage, the pots you choose for your orchids should have slits on the sides in addition to holes in the bottom.
    3. Research the most popular material options. Plastic orchid pots are lightweight and easy to manage, but they can cause root rot. Clay pots, also called terracotta pots, are heavy and stable, but they can cause orchids to dry out faster.
    4. Decide which orchids to plant. Larger varieties or those that have more potential for growth would benefit from a larger pot that will allow the root systems to grow and expand. If you want to plant a smaller variety, however, choose a smaller pot with a narrow base.

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