Orchid Plant Care Tips


From stanhopeas to the popular phalaenopsis, orchids vary greatly in their form, color and bloom time. Yet they all share some basic needs that must be met to grow properly, flower and re-bloom. Taking care of orchids requires a bit of precision and dedication to meet their needs. Establish the right cultural environment from the beginning, and your orchids will provide seasons of abundant blooms.

Moderately Easy


things you’ll need:
  • Ceiling or oscillating fan
  • Plastic or clay pots
  • Bark-based planting medium or peat moss
  • Fertilizer
    1. Experiment with the amount of light the orchid receives. Provide adequate lighting, as too much light will cause the foliage and blooms to burn and too little light will prevent flowers from blooming.
    2. Place orchids in an environment where they will receive some ventilation to help prevent disease and to provide the air that the roots of these plants require. Use a ceiling fan or slowly oscillating fan for a gentle breeze.
    3. Water the soil of an orchid plant only as it dries out. Allow the water to move through the pot until it streams from the drainage holes to help ensure the plant is thoroughly watered.
    4. Use plastic pots when growing orchids in dry climates to help retain moisture. Use clay pots for containers when growing orchids in humid locations. Fill with a planting medium that drains fast and supports good growth, either a bark-based or peat-based mix.
    5. Use fertilizer that contains little to no urea. Feed the plants weekly during the summer and bi-weekly in the fall and winter.
    6. Study the growth of the orchid plant, taking note when it begins to grow outside the container; this is a key indicator to repot the plant.
    7. Collect and discard any dead or dropped flowers from an orchid, as they may be diseased.

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