Thanh Nghe Tinh Food Joint Stock Company

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Thanh Nghe Tinh Food Joint Stock Company

Business name:        THANH NGHE TINH FOOD JSC

  Address:  58 – LeLoi StreeT – Vinh City- NgheAn Province – Vietnam
               – Tel:      0084- 38 – 3 565 185
               – Fax:      0084- 38 – 3 586 888
               – Email:
               – Website:

Director: TRAN BA LOAN/ MR

Business fields:
– Collect, storage, process, trading in and distribute rice and agricultural product.
– Export Vietnamese rice and food products.
– Import/Collect food stuff (wheat, yellow maize, food stuff) and equipments to supply for domestic production.
– Invest in cooperation with local & foreign partner in production, trading and service.
– Produce building materials, design, construct and renting office.
– Transportation, hotel services.
– Export agricultural products and other consumer’s items.
– Labor export.
– Aquatic cultivation and concerned services.
– Produce, trade and export – import feed meals.
– produce, trade and export – import in plastics and plastic materials.
– Property leasing: office, warehouses to foreign and local clients.
– Trade in petroleum and act as distributor for petroleum and fuels.
– Produce and do trading of woods, wood products and bamboo.
– Study on applicable technology of food preservation and processing for a higher quality.
– Training experts, managers and technicians adapting for every food section.

Major trading products:
1. Vietnamese rice: Long grain white rice, glutinous, fragrant, jasmine.
2. Others: Cassava (tapioca), wheat, yellow corn, soybean, greenbean, coffee, peanuts, sesame, instant noodle, polypropylene bags…

Rice capacity: About 1,8 milllion metric tons per year, in which about 700 thousand MT for export.

Selling markets: Middle East, Latin america, Africa and others…

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