organic fertlizer

WE offer you a totally unique a new product – organic fertlizer, soil restorer Lakes Energy. The main component of the product – it is silt , extracted in the cleanest Latvian lakes.

Soil restorer “Lakes Energy” :
To make Refresh soil structure after a fire much faster than other organic fertilizers.
Creates soil structure environmentally safe manner.
Enriches soil organic matter, humus, humic and fulvic acids.
Is the catalyst for the microorganisms that produce nitrogen in the soil. Because of this nature occurs bioregulation.
Restores and maintains a long period of fertility and microbiological activity.
When entering into the ground, thanks to its active form, begins to work immediately, without the adaptation period.
Reduces the salinity of the soil and is highly resistant to microbiological and oxidative degradation.

Significantly reduces the intake of heavy metals and radionuclides from soil to plants.

Prevents the formation of soil crust and reduces moisture loss by physical evaporation from the soil surface, as well as seepage.
Increases the resistance to leaching of soil nutrients.

Increases the plants resistance to disease, drought and frost.
Not contain pathogenic microorganisms, weed seeds and genetically modified ingredients.

Has no restrictions on the use in agriculture .
Recommendations  for use: 1 part LE – 4 parts soil.
We welcome letters for more details and to order samples.

Packaging of finished product – Big Bags 1m3 (580-620kg)
Shipping containers,  40ft 34-36m3 (21-24tonn)


Raymond Lauren

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