How This Simple Landscaping Tip Can Save You Big Money

A beautifully decorated backyard can serve you in many ways. It is proved by the experts that proper landscape gardening in the backyard not only increases the beauty of the house but also saves money by reducing the cost of hot or cooling system during the winter or summer, which amounts nearly $250 worth a year.

To make the yard energy efficient, the following steps may be taken for both the existing and soon-to -be-developed landscapes.

Keep out the Sun

The main thing, which should be taken into account, is the weather prevailing in the area. If there is Sunshine, the path the sunray follows should be taken into consideration as almost 90% of heat is absorbed if the house is hit directly by the Sun. This imparts extra load on the cooling system.

Deciduous, dense and big trees can be planted to the south or west of the house, and this would protect the house best from Sunrays during the summer as their foliage creates shades. Temperatures up to 10degrees Fahrenheit can be reduced in this way.

Throughout the winter these deciduous trees lose their foliages making access to the Sun’s heat which the walls and the foundation of your house need during this season.

Reducing wind blow

Wind blowing through the house is one of the primary contributors to lowering temperatures of the home. It has got more chilling effect compared to normal atmospheric temperature and is sinister in winter season in particular. Planted trees effectively serve as windbreaks. Fences located in strategic positions can also effectively prevent wind from blowing through the house.

Keep the heat or cold inside

Heat or cold that escapes through the home’s roof, windows, and doors are prime causes for wasting of energy. So it is very important to look for methods for keeping hot or cool inside.

Shrubbery planted around the home’s foundation creates a dead air barrier helping to keep heat and cool inside and this is necessary for a home. Widening the gap between the shrubbery and the house’s walls can increase area for the dead air as experts suggest.

In an aim to obtain maximum benefits while landscaping your yard or garden, you should follow the above tips. This would give you not only a pleasant looking yard but also an energy saver. And this will save money ultimately.

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