zzzMINH ĐANG co.,Ltd
Address: B2-20 Nam Thien II, Ward Tan Phong, Dist 7, Ho Chi Minh city
Tel: 84-8 66732046
FAX: 84-8 – 54123431
Email: service@minhdangco.com.vn
Website: http://www.minhdangco.com.vn



Wellcome to all customers, farmers both in foreign and local countries. Established since 1995, we are leading private company, specialized in animal husbandry and equipment for Agriculture and food production. All of our company’ service and products to be supplied to customers are very high quality, benefit to end user and farmers. The market shape we got today has been resulting from long term experience working hard and closed corporation with customers. “One solution ahead” is our long term strategy! .

Functions and duties


To sellect breeds for long term development, matching to International market. (sex bovine semen & Embryos fresh pigs or live animal).

To set up farm, To sellect right farm tool equipments.

To apply bio-security program at farms (VietGap)


Bovine semen and sex semen, Embryos (CoH-le-goat-sheep) (Canada – USA).

Fresh semen for pig breeding from Semen Cardona .

Feeding & drinking equipment.

Live animal (pig & Cow), Grass needs for livestock forage.

Ventilation system with control.

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